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Salado Public Library Grows Exponentially!

The library has applied to Hamburger Helper (no kidding!) for a My Hometown Helper grant and recently sent out a plea for people to support this grant by adding an online comment. The library has grown at an amazing rate (in the past three years, circulation increased 30% and computer use jumped a whopping 160%!)

The library is requesting $15,000 for:

• rolling shelving to allow us to make space for programs ($6500)
• funds for moving expenses to rearrange our current book shelves ($2500)
• stations for public computers ($1600)
• tables and seating for patrons ($5000)
• shelving attached to the walls of the library to save floor space and a movie (we are the only movie store in town) and audio book wall for maximum “wow” impact ($4500).

Eventually the library will have to expand it’s 6,000 square foot space, but until that day, these items will at least free up some space. I’m so proud to be a part of this innovative, big thinking small town library that holds its own next to its much larger counterparts!

If you live in Salado and love the library, add your comment here!


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The Newest Salado Public Library Trustee

I was set to re-open this blog to my campaign for election to the Salado Public Library Board, but it looks like that won’t be necessary. With three openings and three candidates, there won’t be an election. I’m looking forward to serving on the board. This is an exciting time as the library looks to expand. The other new Board Member is the President of the Friends of the Library and has a history of service to the library. We will join the only incumbent running for re-election.

It was a joy to get the news from my father, a library board incumbent who chose not to run for re-election. Even though I didn’t have to run and rely on the support of the community, he still said he was proud of me. Now matter how old I am, I’m still delighted when I make my father proud.

But I am a bit disappointed that there won’t be an election for several reasons. First, I am a library-lover and I know that many in the community feel a great fondness for our library. I would love to see that support exhibited by a large pool of candidates for the board. Secondly, an election, while an expense for the library, reminds the community of the role that the library plays. The interviews with board candidates published in the Salado Village Voice forces the candidates to think deeply about their positions on issues critical to the library and highlights these issues to the community. Lastly, I’m going to miss the candidate’s forum. It was a good discipline for me to put my platform into a speech to the community. Perhaps I should write one, anyway!

But, of course, those are minor disappointments. Mostly I am just thrilled that I will have the opportunity to work with my colleagues in serving the community to make the Salado Public Library the Best Small Village Library in the World.

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A Brief History of the Salado Public Library

[Many people in the village of Salado may not know the history of the Salado Public Library. The following excerpt from library planning documents is a concise summary of the high points in this small library’s short history.]

In 1985 a committee of the Salado Chamber of Commerce was appointed to establish a village library. A Board of Trustees was formed to seek a state charter and to find appropriate library space. With the help of consultants from neighboring libraries and the Central Texas Library System, the Salado Public Library was created in 1986 and opened its doors to patrons on November 7, 1986 staffed entirely by volunteers. The initial collection of about 1,000 books was donated by citizens of Salado and other libraries in Central Texas. The Salado Public Library became a member of the Center Texas Library System in 1987.

As the community and library use grew, larger quarters were required. In the fall of 1993 the Library moved into 1,700 square feet in the Salado Civic Center, a former school building. The collection contained nearly 8,000 items. The Library’s automated catalog allowed patrons to search the collection. One Library computer was dedicated to genealogy and another to Internet use. Volunteers ran the library until 1995 when the first paid part-time certified librarian was hired.

Because the village was unincorporated there was never any tax support for the library. All operating expenses were met through donations, gifts and memorials, and fund-raising activities. In May 1998, the Salado Public Library District was created by a vote of the citizens of Salado. The Salado Public Library was the second library in the state to benefit from new legislation allowing the creation of library districts. A one-half percent sales tax now provides most of the operating revenue for the library.

In March 2003, the library moved in to its beautiful, new 4000 square-foot building located at 1151 N. Main. The staff of the library is now two part-time librarians, a full time director and a part time library assistant. Regular volunteers at the library number more than forty. The Friends of the Library organization was regenerated in 2006 and continues to grow in members and support for the library.

The current estimated population of the Salado Public Library District is 9000+, with more than 1200 students in the school system. The community continues to grow each year by nearly five percent. Usage metrics for the library have more than kept pace with population grown with year over year increases of almost 10% in 2005 and 2006.

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The Campaign Begins

This is the first time in four years that there will be an election for the library board of trustees. During the last election, only the two incumbents ran for the two available positions so there was no election. As the only non-incumbent in this race, I need to let people know:

  • my platform,
  • my qualifications,
  • my vision,
  • my NAME!

That’s how I’ll use this space over the next couple of months. I’ll also be meeting and greeting and distributing my cards around town. They aren’t anything fancy, but they are a start. The back has a few of my qualifications. The Curriculum Vitae on this site has more information than you could ever want, but it is a necessary document in academia!



If you’d like to help distribute cards, let me know!

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Important Dates and Events
In Salado Village 2007 Elections

[NOTE: The following information was printed in the Salado Village Voice, Vol. XXIX, Number 45, March 22, 2007.]

April 12: Candidates Forum, Salado Civic Center 7:00 p.m.

I will have 5-7 minutes to state my platform and will accept questions from the participants.

April 19, April 26, May 3, and May 10: Salado Village Voice Publication of candidate responses

Each election, the Salado Village Voice publishes the candidates responses to questions. Readers may submit possible questions to news@saladovillagevoice.com.

April 12: Last date to register to vote

You may pick up a registration application at any Bell County full service locations, area libraries (map to: Salado Public Library), Department of Public Safety and Texas Department of Human Services offices. You may also request a voter application by e-mail. Here are instructions for completing the voter registration form.

April 30: Early voting begins at the Salado Civic Center

Early voting will be open weekdays 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. except extended days.
LAST DAY TO VOTE BY MAIL. Applications to vote-by-mail can be sent to Salado, ISD, Attn: Lyydal Cabaniss, PO Box 98, Salado TX 76571. For more information, call 254.947.5479.

May 1 and May 8: Extended days for early voting

Early voting will be open at the Salado Civic Center from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

May 12: ELECTION!!!

Vote at the Salado Civic Center

Send applications to:
Salado ISD
Attn: Lyndal Cabaniss
PO Box 98
Salado, TX 76571


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Campaign Advice From a Friend
(You get what you pay!)

Well, my friends have been giving me advice on my campaign for Salado Public Library Board. Michael Briand, founder of PublicKnowledge in Colorado weighed in with this advice:

“Love the campaign announcement. But you know, it’s OK to sell beer with good-looking girls (actually, it’s not, but I have to continue this line of thinking now that I’ve started it), but running for public office using a girl showing a bare midriff?! Shocking!

Of course, I can tell from your announcement that you realize being qualified for office is completely irrelevant. You understand the marketing of a candidate—showing bare midriffs, allowing chocolate ice cream in the library (promise ‘em anything, they’ll soon forget), and so forth. Can you trace your family’s roots back several generations to when your great-great-great-grand-daddy Salado founded the eponymous town where you live? If not, make it up! Who’s gonna check it out?”

Well Michael, I could try that “family founder of Salado” bit, but I’d get caught for sure. Turns out (how’s this for irony) that this small village’s first white settler was an Archibald Willingham.

He’s buried in The Willingham Cemetery, also known as Three Chimneys Cemetery near the Willingham Branch of the Salado Creek.

So I could follow Michael’s advice and claim my legacy, except that Archibald’s REAL descendent is the town dentist and we’ve yet to find a connection. I’d hate to get caught in a lie in my first campaign.

But my own well-documented family connections aren’t half bad. My parents were Salado Citizens of the Year this year. That’s pretty good stock!

Ben and June Willingham
2007 Salado Citizens of the Year

Thanks, Michael. I won’t rely on my family connections to get me elected, but I’m pretty proud of them nonetheless!

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