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City Year Names My Workshop “The best Learning Development Day of the Year”

On May 23, I conducted a one-day workshop for Americorps Members (CM). I was asked to lead this workshop by my friend, Todd Moore the Program Manager for San Antonio City Year. The purpose of the training was for corps members in the San Antonio/Austin area to experience a greater understanding of civic engagement and the effect it has on their current and future community. Specifically there were four goals:

  • CMs will understand the importance of engaging in positive social change
  • CM’s will clearly articulate personal viewpoint on the role of citizen service in the movement for positive social change
  • CMs will understand the definition of Civic Engagement and how tey can become lifelong leaders in civic engagement
  • CMs will identify at least three different ways their ‘city year’ can impact their future communities

In his funding request to OneStar Foundation, Todd wrote, “Few individuals in the state are more qualified than Taylor Willingham to educate and inspire our corps members to future service.”

I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive about doing the workshop, but apparently it went well because the participants named it the best learning development day of the year! I’m flattered.

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