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Salado Public Library Grows Exponentially!

The library has applied to Hamburger Helper (no kidding!) for a My Hometown Helper grant and recently sent out a plea for people to support this grant by adding an online comment. The library has grown at an amazing rate (in the past three years, circulation increased 30% and computer use jumped a whopping 160%!)

The library is requesting $15,000 for:

• rolling shelving to allow us to make space for programs ($6500)
• funds for moving expenses to rearrange our current book shelves ($2500)
• stations for public computers ($1600)
• tables and seating for patrons ($5000)
• shelving attached to the walls of the library to save floor space and a movie (we are the only movie store in town) and audio book wall for maximum “wow” impact ($4500).

Eventually the library will have to expand it’s 6,000 square foot space, but until that day, these items will at least free up some space. I’m so proud to be a part of this innovative, big thinking small town library that holds its own next to its much larger counterparts!

If you live in Salado and love the library, add your comment here!


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The Newest Salado Public Library Trustee

I was set to re-open this blog to my campaign for election to the Salado Public Library Board, but it looks like that won’t be necessary. With three openings and three candidates, there won’t be an election. I’m looking forward to serving on the board. This is an exciting time as the library looks to expand. The other new Board Member is the President of the Friends of the Library and has a history of service to the library. We will join the only incumbent running for re-election.

It was a joy to get the news from my father, a library board incumbent who chose not to run for re-election. Even though I didn’t have to run and rely on the support of the community, he still said he was proud of me. Now matter how old I am, I’m still delighted when I make my father proud.

But I am a bit disappointed that there won’t be an election for several reasons. First, I am a library-lover and I know that many in the community feel a great fondness for our library. I would love to see that support exhibited by a large pool of candidates for the board. Secondly, an election, while an expense for the library, reminds the community of the role that the library plays. The interviews with board candidates published in the Salado Village Voice forces the candidates to think deeply about their positions on issues critical to the library and highlights these issues to the community. Lastly, I’m going to miss the candidate’s forum. It was a good discipline for me to put my platform into a speech to the community. Perhaps I should write one, anyway!

But, of course, those are minor disappointments. Mostly I am just thrilled that I will have the opportunity to work with my colleagues in serving the community to make the Salado Public Library the Best Small Village Library in the World.

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I’m at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign for my on-campus session with students in my Civic Entrepreneurship Course in the Graduate Library and Information Sciences program.

It’s always a stressful time for me because they make such sacrifices to be here and I feel pressed to make it a very useful time. Fortunately, I have two things going for me. First, Jill (my GA for one more week) has done a great job organizing a field trip to the American Library Association Archives to research the historical roots of libraries as the university of the people and the center for civic education. Second, I have stayed in the Illini Union so often that it feels homey. It’s not my decorating style and the beds are not nearly as comfortable as my own, but it IS familiar.

Illini union

There is a really cool interactive map where you can see all of the rooms around here. Well, I guess I’ll climb under those scratchy sheets and get some sleep. After a hectic day of packing and then traveling, I don’t think I’ll have any problem sleeping. I’ve got a hectic day AND week ahead of me. If you don’t believe it, check out my calendar!

More later…

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