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Lately I’ve become fascinated by the creative ways that people are able to present data in an easy to understand and compelling method and to explain complex issues using stories and images. (Probably because I’m jealous of those who have that ability!)

One of the best is Flowing Data and I’m sure I’ll reference his postings in the future. If you’re limited in time, but interested in data visualization, Flowing Data is probably your best bet because the author is a self-proclaimed “feed junkie” and a good portal into other data visualization blogs.

But the story I want to promote now is an explanation of the credit crisis by Jonathan Jarvis posted on facebook by my buddy Jill Gengler (the ace geek who keeps the technology at the University of Illinois (U-C) Library school on track) It’s one of the best descriptions of a very complicated story that I’ve seen.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

As is often the case, I started out to write about one thing and then fell into the Internet Black Hole. I just wanted to plug the credit video, but had to find out more about the creator and now I’m hooked on his site and I’m following him on Twitter. Check him out. Great stuff and I’m sure I’ll return often to write more about his creations. His Room Call project is on my short list of things I want to reflect upon.

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