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Portraits of Women in 500 years of Western Art

I found this youtube video when I looked online for a recipe for Mango Salsa. I found a recipe on the blog “Simply Recipes” (which I made into a summer salad with Prawns) but didn’t stop there because the recipe blog was so good that I wanted to see what Elise’s other blogs. (She’s also a consultant with a Silicon Valley company so I was reminiscing about my past life in San Jose.)

That’s how it happens online. One thing leads to another. And that’s how I found Elise’s blog about this video which I had to share with you. It’s one of the coolest I’ve ever seen!


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So where do we go from here…

I’ve owned the domain name “austin-pacific.com” for years. I’ve been through those painful times when my site said “under construction”. For a while, http://www.austin-pacific.com was amusing baby pictures of me doing things that seemed a prediction of things to come with the sub-heading, “Future this or that” like the picture where I, as a five-year old child with a bare mid-riff standing in front of shelves of books announce my candidacy for the Salado Library Board.

Or this charming photo from my childhood where I’m playing with a soldering iron – an odd choice of toys for a young child, but dad was an engineer. This photo showed up on my web site with the caption, “Future Silicon Valley Quality Control Inspector.” These photos made their debut on my web site when my parents (without consulting me) created an amusing site to celebrate my decision to move back home to Texas from California and pursue a life of independent consulting in order to be closer to my family. (After building me a web site like that, can you blame me for coming home to Texas where I can keep a closer eye on them?)

So, the question remains…what shall become of this site? I don’t currently need the P.R. to get work – at least I don’t need much more work right now. I do like having this space to dump my thoughts whether or not anyone reads them. It is convenient to point to this link because I have an extensive resume posted on the link to the right hand side. But mostly, I think I just like having this space for creative thinking, soul searching, and venting. Maybe that’s good enough. It sure feels that way to me right now!

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