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I just discovered this 2002 press release about a report from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. It may be old, but I had to write about it. I ove this story because it is another example of innovative library services using pack animals (in an earlier blog post, I wrote about the Book Women of Eastern Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project) AND because of the multi-media aspect of it! These Donkey Drawn Libraries are providing library services in remote communities in Zimbabwe, but they are also delivering technology powered by a solar unit installed on the roof.

Each cart is provided with a solar unit installed on the roof; a battery charged by this solar energy supplies the electric power. Audio-visual apparatus is installed in a cabinet at the back of the cart and electronic data equipment and storage facilities for battery, inverter, distilled water (for the batteries), books, music disks and records, video cassettes, etc. are installed on cabinets at both sides of the cart. The unit can also be provided with an aerial or a satellite dish.

But I also love this story because it reminds us that everyone values and deserves access to libraries, books, knowledge and information. And, while we should continue to fight for more resources for libraries, we should also remind ourselves that we humans (especially librarians!) are a creative lot and will continue to find creative ways to continue providing quality library services.

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On April 24, I will be delivering the keynote and a workshop for the Prairie Area Library Services day-long meeting outside of Chicago. A former student from my days of teaching Change Management invited me, but I seem to be struggling to put together a brief description of my talk. So I started jotting down notes and phrases as they came to me. I still don’t have the topic nailed down, but I needed a place where I would remember these ideas:

  • Libraries: Antidote to economic stress and personal distress
  • Riding the Shark: Tools for Thriving in Tough Times
  • But I Don’t Even Know How to Spell “Entrepreneurship”
  • Opportunities for Entrepreneurship
  • Libraries on the Edge
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: value of public libraries in supporting sustainable communities.
  • 2009: The Year of the Library
  • Value
  • Changing the Story
  • Writing Our Own Story
  • Pebbles in Teapots
  • Boiling, but Blooming: Taking Advantage of Tough Times or “But I Don’t Even Know How to Spell Entrepreneurship!”
  • New Metaphors for Libraries and Communities
  • When the Going Gets Tough,
  • New Roles for Libraries
  • Why Tough Times are Good News
  • Tough Times:
  • Taking Charge of Change: Thriving and ____ Through Tough Times
  • What We can Learn From Tough Times
  • Making Friends and Winning Over Enemies in Tough Times
  • Tools for Tackling Tough Times
  • Turn your thinking inside out
  • Pardon me ma’am, your metaphor is showing
  • Thinksters

Now back to figuring out what it is I REALLY want to say!

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