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A community that can boast it has been named one of the most recession-proof cities in the country could easily rest on its laurels. And indeed there is much to celebrate in San Antonio. The “eds and meds” effect described in the National Journal Magazine article (September 11, 2010) explains how the economy’s emphasis on jobs in education and health care have buffered this city from some of the drastic boom and bust economies or the “hares” in this article’s “tortoise and hare” metaphor. But according to the popular Mayor Julien Castro, this is only half of the story. He cited distinguishing traits of SA that are not the City’s source of pride:

  • the highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation with high repeat pregnancies,
  • 40% drop out rate
  • low rates of literacy
  • low average income

Judge Nelson Wolff, County Judge further charged the group to find ways to build a children’s hospital, figure out how to stop the flow of inmates and to rehabilitate the 4,000 that are incarcerated, to pull up those who (despite their best efforts) have still not been lifted up. Reflecting on the many positives in San Antonio, he challenged the group to not forget the many shortcomings that need to be addressed, but to build on the community’s assets. For example, as the City Manager pointed out, SA is one of the few communities to have a AAA Bond rating.

Nice to see that they are starting from a position of strength, but also that they are realistic about the challenges.

A good start to the day!

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